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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is that another goldfish?

It's been longer than I thought since I wrote last!  We have done some exciting things since then, however!
Doug and I celebrated our birthdays.  Mine was on the 30th and his was December 7th.  For my birthday Doug gave me a netbook and a gps system.  I actually couldn't believe he got me those two things!!  I LOVE the gps and the computer is good, but it would be better if it were faster!!  I just don't have the patience for that little 1gb netbook!  Doug had a pretty good birthday as well.  I designed a Buffalo Bills sweatshirt for him and he got surround sound speakers for the living room.  I guess that's a gift for the whole family, but he's the one who wanted it!  We also had two dinners.  One with my family and the other with his.
School is over for the semester!  Finally!!  I'm just waiting for two more grades to come in so I know how I did. I've done better, that's for sure, but it wasn't terrible.  Word of advice, don't take a foreign language online.  You will fail.
Zach and I went to meet our newest cousin Audrey this past weekend (my cousin Elizabeth had her in September).  Audrey is a sweet baby with rolls for days!!  It is so cute!!  I love all of her sweet chubby rolls of goodness!  Zach had a great time playing with Beth's dog, Dora.  She is so incredibly playful.  We were chasing her and she would go from room to room as if she were hiding from us, but wanted us to find her!  Zach laughed the whole time!  She is also very protective of the little ones.  Beth has stairs and of course Zach wanted to climb them.  I told Dora to go get him and not let him go up the steps and she would go over and lick him as if to make him stop.  If he was able to get past her, she would lay down on the steps blocking his way and lick him.  It was so neat to see, and pretty funny.  I wish our dogs were like that.  They could care less about Zach.  They wouldn't rescue him if he were about to fall off a cliff.  We also saw my brother and his girlfriend Jessye while we were there.  She is 13 weeks pregnant now and finally starting to have a little baby bump.  It's very cute.  As nervous as I am for them, I'm pretty excited to have a new niece or nephew!
Let me say that it is very trying traveling alone with a one year old.  He did pretty well on the way up, but dinner was a bit challenging and the ride home had its moments.  I had to stop at Wawa on the way back to get gas and change him and I learned that Wawa does not have facilities for you to change your child.  I was shocked.  What major gas station/food source, one off of a major highway, doesn't have a changing station?! The Wawa outside of Fredericksburg, that's who.  So I changed him in the back seat of our truck, with his little bum sticking out, in the cold rainy weather.  He cried and screamed the entire time.  I would have gotten in and closed the doors, but 1, you have to first close the back door in order to close the front door and 2, there wasn't enough room for the both of us back there.  Thanks Wawa.  So in effort to try and make it up to him, I bought him a very small package of goldfish crackers.  His favorite.  He was doing really well putting his little hand in the bag and pulling out 1 or 2 at a time and then I got on the on ramp to 95 and heard a rip and then a giggle.  That is NEVER good.  I turned around and somehow he was able to rip the bag in 2 spots and the inevitable was about to happen.  Thankfully I had some bags in my purse (the ones you can put dirty diapers in) and I grabbed the back and carefully put the fish inside the other bag.  Needless to say, I still need to take the dirt devil to the carseat. So for about 15 miles he picked at the goldfish that were in his lap and under his butt.  I slept pretty good that night.
I think that is all for now.  I need to go check on him.  He's too quiet.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gobble Gobble

2 days ago was Thanksgiving.  This was my first Thanksgiving in 12 years that I didn't spend with my family.  This was also my first Thanksgiving without my aunts amazing pumpkin roll.  As horrible as this will probably sound, this was not one of my favorite years of Thanksgiving.  My cousins and uncle drove to NJ to spend the holiday with my other cousins and the ones that live in FL now drove to PA to spend it with their son.  All of which are totally understandable, but I missed them.
Doug worked on Thanksgiving and Zach and I went over to my sister in laws and had an untraditional Thanksgiving of make your own pizza.  Very different from Thanksgiving with turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, etc.!  Last night, I had Doug's parents and cousin over for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  His parents made the ham and a gigantic turkey and I made a green bean casserole (a healthier version of the old standby), peas with shallots and pancetta, stuffing (this did come out of a box), mascarpone cheese mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole with a brown sugar and pecan topping, rolls, cranberry sauce (can again because I like it that way!) and I made my moms double layer pumpkin pie.  That was very nostalgic for me.  This was my first time making such a big meal.  I loved it!  I wish I could cook like that for people all the time!  I love big family get togethers (although this one wasn't big.  My house won't allow for that).

Let me back track and tell you about Zach's birthday party.  I know that since he's one, he won't remember his first birthday party, but I wanted a nice one for him.  Since my house is pretty tiny, we had the party at Doug's parents.  It was Mickey Mouse themed and he had an amazing cake from the Custom Cake Shoppe.  My dad came from Texas to help us celebrate and my brother and his girlfriend came down.  Zach had so many friends and family to help him celebrate.  Let me just say, he is one loved little boy.  If any one who came to the party reads this little blog, thank you so much for making his 1st birthday party a great one!

In other news...I guess I can tell you this now...I'm going to be an aunt again!  My brother and his girlfriend, Jessye, are expecting their first baby June 18th.  She is 11 weeks pregnant right now.  I will admit, I was shocked and furious when he first told me!  I just think that they are way too young to have a baby.  He is 19 and she is 18.  But, I've had 11 weeks to get over it and now I'm pretty excited.  I've already started getting things together for them and giving them things that we won't use or aren't using anymore (takes up less space in my house!).  While my concerns for them and the baby are still present, I can't let them overshadow the excitement of a new baby.  I can just try and be there for them the best I can.

I guess that's all for now.  I wish I could post pictures, but apparently I'm a little slow when it comes to putting them up here.  Something always happens and they end up on the top, in a corner, not in the right order...I'm going to have to practice some more.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A whole year!

Honestly...where did the last year go?  My sweet baby boy turned 1 on the 15th and I'm not sure I'm over the sadness of it!  I just can't seem to wrap my head around him being 1.  He's not that itsy bitsy baby anymore that used to fit so perfectly right in the middle of my chest while he slept.  Now he lays his head on one of my shoulders and his legs hang off the other side!  I will say this, while I am sad that he is no longer a baby baby, he continues to amaze me everyday with what he learns and that is so cool!
He is so incredibly smart, funny and loving.  He's so perfect.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall...I welcome you...

I am so incredibly happy that fall has arrived.  There is nothing that puts me in a better mood than the leaves changing color, the slight chill in the air, apple pie, pumpkin pie, Halloween, get the idea.  This is my favorite time of year!
A few things have happened since I wrote last.  I went to see a new eye doctor and she told me that I am right on that line of where DMV may or may not REQUIRE me to wear my glasses while I drive.  That being said... I CAN see, but things are just clearer with my glasses.  My astigmatism has gotten worse since my pregnancy which explains why I can hardly see the guide on the tv.  So, I've been wearing my glasses ALL of the time and I was able to get prescription sunglasses since this doctors office knows how to process the insurance!!  Now I can see during the day when I drive!  
Doug had his 10 year high school reunion a couple of weeks ago.  I can't believe we have been out of high school that long (well, my 10 year is next year)!  So much has changed in 10 years, that's for sure!
Doug and some friends
Sean and Jason
Lloyd and Tiffany
Sean and I
I think you know who this good looking couple is
The Ocean Lakes Wives

Zach also celebrated his 1st Halloween this year!  I was so excited about it.  I "made" Doug go trick-or-treating with us.  I know Zach doesn't realize what was going on, but it was fun for me.  He looked super cute as a little cow and my niece Maggie was static cling!

cousins hanging out

the cutest cow ever!
static cling and cow

I hope all is well!  I'll write again soon!!  I'll have a lot to write about after our trip to PA, my dads visit and Zach's 1st birthday!!!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

The wee one...

...isn't so wee anymore.  I can not tell you how incredibly sad I am to think how he is going to turn 1 next month!!  I seriously get depressed.  I may need psychological help.
Last night Zach and I were driving home for having dinner in Norfolk and he was so incredibly fussy (probably because his stubborn behind would not take a nap) and nothing I did consoled him until I reached around and let him hold my hand.  He held my hand from 264 at Effingham all the way to downtown Suffolk, where I live.  If you are familiar with this area, you know that is probably about a good 25 minute drive from that point.  At times I would take my hand away because I thought he was sleeping and he would bust out crying again, so I would give him back my hand.  He would hold it, wrap both of his little arms around my arm, rub my arm against his face and at times he would even kiss my arm.  AAAAHHHH my heart strings!!!  I can't take it!!  It kills me that he is growing up.  I know, I know.  Everyday he is learning something new and it is very exciting to watch him grow, but there will come a day when holding mommy's hand/arm will be taboo.  **tear**
Are we sure it's child neglect to put them in a box so they can't grow bigger than they are?  Like fish?  I'm kidding!!!  Don't report me!!  hahaha!!!  Seriously, how come NO ONE told me that watching them grow up would be this hard?!  And this is just his first year!!!  Thanks a lot everyone!!!
my teeny baby... getting so big

Friday, October 15, 2010

The price of being sick

 Many of you know that Zach had the stomach flu last week.  This whole situation really irritated me.  Not because he was sick, but how the professionals handled it.  So, Zach couldn't hold anything down (if I could even get it in his mouth) and I took him to his doctor.  He tells me to just ride it out.  This is on a Tuesday (the 5th to be exact).  Cost of him telling me that...$20.00.  Zach got worse through the night, so on Wednesday I told Doug, who was at work, that Zach needed to go to the hospital.  He stopped by the house (he was working, but was in the area) and told me to call his pediatrician back.  I called and told them the whole story and they agreed that I should take him to the hospital.  Not the closest one to me, but the children's hospital in Norfolk.  So I packaged him in the truck and Doug drove back to work to try and find someone to come and relieve him so he could come out there with us.  I was so distraught that
my baby had to go to the hospital.  I called my mother in law and could barely speak because I was so upset.  Now, Charlene had just had surgery on one of her knees that Monday, so she was pretty high on drugs!  Since she couldn't meet me at the hospital, she called my father in law, who was at work, to come and sit with me.  Poor Clay.  Looking back I'm laughing because he was probably thinking "why do I have to sit here?".  But he did like a good "Bumpa" (that's baby for grandpa).  He watched as they stuck my child 6 TIMES for an iv.  Zach was so dehydrated that it was almost impossible for them to give him any fluids.  After the iv team couldn't get it on the 5th try, his nurse tried and was successful.  He got fluids and some sugar since his was in the toilet.  Doug eventually got to the hospital and relieved Clay of his post.  Before they sent us home they checked his sugar again and it was still low, so he received a higher dose of sugar.  He seemed to perk up a little and the nurse practitioner told us it was just a bad bug and that we could go home (without any medications to help us...this would have made the $150.00 copay easier to swallow).   When we got home I thought he was doing a little better.  He accepted some fluids and crackers.  The next day he seemed slightly better.  He still wanted me to hold him while he slept (pretty much all day).  He vomited 3 times that day.  He also developed a rash which started on his head and then spread south (notice the picture above).  He didn't improve throughout the day and I told Doug he needed to come home from school and help me.  The next morning (Friday the 8th) Doug was scheduled for his cardiac ablation.  Doug's sister, Jan, was to meet us at the hospital and pick up Zach so I could be with Doug. I loaded Zach in his car seat I said to Doug "here's a towel on the arm rest in case he gets sick (because I was driving)".  No sooner did those words leave my mouth, Zach projectile vomited all over the truck.  So back inside to clean him off.  Back to the truck, which had been wiped out by Doug, we headed out for the procedure.  I at this point had enough so I told Doug to call his sister and ask her to stay with him while I took Zach BACK to children's hospital.  I called his doctor and told them that I was taking him back to the er and after explaining everything that had gone on in the last 24 hours she says "well, yeah, that may be a good idea.  Go ahead and take him."  Thanks for your permission, but I was taking him no matter what you said!!!!  So back to the er we went and yes, there was another copay.  After we were taken back to our room, within the hour of being back there Doug walked through the door!!  He told me that they never scheduled him for the procedure.  They scheduled him for an appointment, which he ALREADY HAD!!!!!  Oh Laaaaaawwwwwd!!  I said "well I hope they didn't charge you the co-pay since nothing was done".  Yeah...they did...for an office visit!  WHERE IS MY WINE?  WHERE IS MY WINE?!?!  JUST GIVE ME THE WHOLE BOTTLE...WITH A STRAW!!!  What in the world!!  I couldn't worry about that at the time (although, the wine would have been nice).  They tried to give Zach another iv and were unsuccessful.  They stuck him twice, but since he was so traumatized from the time before, they stopped.  They tried another route.  Through the mouth.  Strange concept huh?  I'm not saying that's where they put the iv...duh.  They let him munch on a slushy.  A slushy that came from the slushy machine in the er.  Say whaaaat?!  How cool is that?!  I must say, it was pretty good.  It tasted like the orange crush soda only... slushier.  Guess what else they gave him!!  Go on...guess.  MEDICINE TO MAKE HIM STOP PUKING HIS GUTS OUT!!!!  Umm...why was this never given to him before?!?!?!  LIVID!!  Zach downed almost 16oz of slushy without incident.  The attending doctor said that giving that medicine is a judgement call since Zach is so young.  Well...I would think that ones judgement can see that this poor little child had not kept food or liquid down in about 4 days so something to stop that would have been a good idea.  GEEEEZ!!!  So we finally were able to go home, prescription in hand for the miracle no-puking drug.  I am happy to report that he has been puke free for a week now.  I miss the cuddle time, but sooooooooo glad he's feeling better.  It's awful to see your child like that.  However, since then Zach has seemed to discover his loud screaming voice.  He screams for everything whether he's angry or happy.  I'm trying to find the mute button, but I'm unsuccessful thus far.
So for now we are waiting for a new appointment for Doug and looking for volume control on Zach.  I'll keep you posted on how these things go.
Hope all is well.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm wearing the poncho to bed

So my little man has the stomach flu.  It has been quite the adventure I must say.  I mean if you consider being thrown up on twice an adventure...
My niece Maggie was sick while we were in Canada and I think she shared her cooties with Zach.  It's so hard when they are this little because they can't tell you what's wrong, which has made sleeping EXTREMELY difficult.  Zach and I haven't slept through the night in about 3 nights.  He just sits there and cries and cries then will come lay with me and be restless, then get back up and cry some more.  This morning out of frustration I said "Zach!  You are fine...go back to sleep.  Stop crying".  Just so we are clear, I didn't yell at him, but I was tired...very tired.  So after that he threw up.  Fine went out the window at that point.  I thought that he was doing better.  Yesterday he didn't have a fever and he seemed more like himself, which was an improvement over how the night before went (projectile vomit definitely calls for a poncho).  Last night he actually slept without me having to hold him and he did really well until about midnight or so.  Then it was up, down, up, down, cry, nap, cry, nap.  By 0700 he had a fever again and was throwing up bile (I'm sorry, I know it's gross...but not half as gross as his diapers I could tell you about!).  So I nursed the bug long enough.  I followed the nurses directions from the weekend (thanks Optima triage nurse!), my instincts and Doug's, but after this morning, it was time for Dr. Curry to step in.
I took Zach to the doctor this morning, which he normally does well with, but as soon as Dr. Curry came in he freaked.  The good doctor told me that there is a stomach virus going around and he has seen many kids come in with it.  Unfortunately, it lasts about a week.  The good news is his week should be about up!  He said that since he is still too young, he couldn't give him medicine to help with the vomiting, nausea or diarrhea, but I could give him something to help with the snotty nose (yeah, we have that going on too).  When he finally got Zach's mouth pried open to peak at his throat, he told me that Zach was also cutting all 4 bicuspids at the same time.  How lucky are we?!
Zach finally ate some mini-saltines for me today (and by the way, they are so cute!) and some juice.  I stopped the pedialite because he didn't like it unless I cut it with water and I was informed by Dr. Curry that I was defeating the purpose.  $6.00 down the drain.  He told me to get him some gatorade, which I did, and he's only had a little bit.  The amusement ride in the living room is silent (his swing.  That boy can get it going like he's going to swing all the way around) so that must mean the little boy is napping or just really quiet while he watches Mickey Mouse,  so I think it's time for mommy's nap.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Red and Orange and Yellow...Oh my!

That's right!!  Fall is finally in the air!!!  I love the crispness and the smell of fall.  It's all!  By far my favorite season!
Now that I've found a few mommy minutes, I can try and write on the happenings that have gone on since I wrote last.Doug's family and I traveled to Canada on the 23rd for a wedding.  Zach's godparents tied the knot...finally!!  It was by far one of THE most beautiful wedding's I have ever been to!  It was at a place called Balls Falls in Jordan Ontario.  Megan and Vince were married in an old barn that I believe was built in 1882 (at least that's what the sign said that was hanging above the door on the said "1882").  For any men out there that may read this, I know you won't care about the details, but I'm going to jot them down anyways.  Their theme was apples (they are in perfect harvest right now), they had the most beautiful flowers all throughout the barn, mason jars on the ledges filled with candles, and as favors we were treated to homemade apple butter and dutch apple pie jam.  Delish!  They also had a candy table for the adul...I mean kids and at 11pm we had pizza!!  Apparently if you have an open bar you have to serve food.  I was not complaining.  Everything was perfect.  Vince's mom even came out of retirement and made their cake!  Beyond amazing!!  3 tiers with the top being essentially death by chocolate, the middle was white cake and cherry vanilla cream and the bottom was chocolate and mocha!  Say whaaaat?!  Soooo good!  Check out the lovelies below.

The is the barn...I'm sure you figured that out already though
The stunning bride and her dad

Who are those boys?

Family photo op
He looked happier when he was taking a picture with Zach...hmm...


the bride dancing with her sleeping godson 

He had a liiiiiittle too much...little lush
The night of the wedding we stayed in a bed and breakfast.  This was my first time and it wasn't at all how I pictured it!

 As you can see, it was a newer home nestled in a vineyard.  It was gorgeous!!  The owners were just as sweet as they could be.  Anyone who leaves out bowls of Lindt chocolate, jelly beans, chocolate covered raisins and peanuts and a bowl of York peppermint patties and Hershey kisses on your bedside table is ok in my book.
Once we left the B&B we went back "home" and everyone sort of relaxed until we went out to eat...again.  Listen, I'm all about eating, but after our hosts fed us homemade scones (which came with homemade peach, strawberry and raspberry jam), scrambled eggs, bacon (regular and turkey), bowls of fruit, tomato wedges and some sort of apple pastry tart thing at the can see how some people wouldn't want to eat.  That someone wasn't me.  So we went to the Ridgeway restaurant in Ridgeway...der...(that's where the family lives) and Doug's uncle Joe bought EVERYONE breakfast.  One of his friends owns the restaurant so we got the VIP treatment.  Seriously, everything was delicious.  We had "open" bar, a fruit/cheese/cracker tray, spinach and artichoke dip with pitas and these were just the appetizers!  Could you put anymore food in your belly after that?  Some of us can, so I ordered a Greek omelet that came with hash browns and a banana walnut pancake.  Oh my gosh!!  Everything was absolutely divine!!  I was pretty full after this...I will admit that.  After that, Doug, Zach, myself, Charlene, Megan and Vince drove to the cemetery to "visit" Megan's mom Sharon.  I know this may sound strange, but the headstones there are very pretty.  Some of them have so much color etched in them.
The next day, Jan, Jeremy, and my little sick niece Maggie left to visit Cooperstown, NY (home of the baseball hall of fame) and we were to fly back home.  Us, Doug's parents, Megan, Vince and uncle Charles (Megan's dad) drove to Buffalo to have on last visit with uncle Joe.  He lives right in the city in a 3 story home that he converted to 3 apartments.  He lives on the 3rd floor which used to be a maids quarters.  The 2nd floor may become ours if Doug chooses to go to law school at the University of Buffalo.  Guess what we did next...we went to eat!!  I had "real" buffalo wings in Buffalo!!  They were so amazing and I was told they weren't even the best you can get in Buffalo.  Let me tell you people, these wings aren't like ANY buffalo wing I've ever had.  They were amazing!

I'm pretty sure I gave you enough to read, so I will stop now.  Hope everyone is well!

Sarah cousin Elizabeth had her baby on the 23rd!!  No one knew what she was having (not even her) until the baby came.  Sooo...she had a little girl!!  Her name is Audry Elizabeth Falcon and she weighed 8lb 8oz and was 19.5in long.  Little porker!  
  Isn't she precious? 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

10 months

Yep.  My baby is 10 months already!!  I felt like the year had gone by a little slow and then I look at him and realize it is flying!!  In just 2 months he will be a year old.  It makes me so incredibly sad.  My teeny little 7.5lb baby is now a big 20 something pound big boy!!  Tear...
Other than me not being allowed to put him in a box to prohibit him from growing anymore, everything is going pretty well here.  Zach is growing like a little weed, Doug and I are both in school, and yeah, that's about it.  Man it sounds like we lead boring, uneventful lives.
School is driving me crazy.  Mostly because I feel like I can't keep up with the work when Zach is demanding my attention and honestly, I would rather play with him.  I know it will be worth it in a few months when it's all over and I have my degree.  Or when I win the lottery and take my winnings to a far away land and have people wait on me hand and foot while others are feeding me grapes.  A girl can dream!
Lets see, what else is new in the world of the Johnson's?  My cousin Elizabeth is due to have her baby next week.  I'm so excited!!  She chose not to find out the sex, so this is extra exciting!!  Her sister Lexi found out yesterday that she is going to have a little boy!!  He weighs a perfect 15oz right now.  Such an exciting time!!  More excitement...we are going to Canada next week for our cousin Megan's wedding.  I am beyond excited for this!!  I absolutely love visiting Canada.  It's so beautiful there.  This wedding has been a long time coming and she is going to be one stunning bride.  This is also Zach's first time out of the country.  The only place he has been is to North Carolina!!
I've done a little crafty work before school started.  Here's what I've created
just a little scrapbook paper mod-podged on a ceramic tile
Add caption
beautiful fabric I found and wrapped it around a blank canvas
ceramic coasters I made for my friend Jen
wooden letters I covered in scrap-paper 

Not how I wanted the pictures positioned, but you get the idea.  I guess that is all for now.  I have to get me and the boy ready to meet up with my friend Kammy!



Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here a sickly there a sickly

Me and the boys have been battling colds for a couple of weeks now.  I gotta tell ya, nothing worse than a summer cold.  Doug and Zach comforted each other the other night.
Poor guys.

School has started and is in full swing.  This week I feel like I haven't seen Doug a total of an hour!  Monday and Wednesday he worked, Tuesday and Thursday he had school.  Tomorrow (Friday) is his only day off this week and we are spending it waiting for pest control (don't make me go in to that), enduring hurricane Earl and having lunch with my family from Richmond.  Speaking of Earl, you would never know he was coming looking outside.  It's so sunny!
Here's another sickly.  My grandmother.  She was admitted to a hospital in Myrtle Beach about 2 weeks ago for her ongoing kidney problems (stones and UTI's), while she was there they also discovered a blood infection.  Poor gal.  I offered to come down and help her, but she said her and my pappy have it under control.  She's home now and she told me yesterday that she hasn't had a cigarette in 8 days!  That's great, but for those that know her, who wants to to take bets on how many more days she can last?  I told her that if she kept it up we could come visit and stay with her because we wouldn't be breathing in that nasty smoke.  She liked that idea.
Doug is scheduled for his cardiac ablation on October 8th.  It's going to be a very early morning for us.  My sister in law is going to watch Zach, so we have to take him to her in VA Beach then back to Chesapeake General.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and he can come home that night.  I'll keep everyone posted.
I think that is all for now...except does he look like an old man waitin it out on the toilet?


Monday, August 16, 2010

I couldn't make this up

So today started out like any other day.  Boy got me up at 6, we ate breakfast and then I put him in his swing to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I came in my room to the computer to fart around for a few before I got ready to take him for his 9 month check up (say whaaaa? I know!  9 months already!).  So anyhow, I was on the computer and I heard him poo (if you don't like to read about poop then I suggest you stop right now because it's about to get stiiiiinky up in here!).  I figured he was on his way to a morning nap, so I was going to finish up on the computer and shower before his appointment.  I walked past the living room on my way to the kitchen and I peeked in on him.  I noticed something on his face, but I couldn't tell what it was.  As I got closer I was like "what's that smell?".  Upon inspection I found poop smeared all over his arms, hands, legs, feet, face and swing as well as aaaaaaaaaall in the bottom of the swing.  And there he was, sleeping peacefully.  I tried to gently wake him up, but he was oooouuuut!  So I did what any mother would do.  I poked him and yelled his name.  He woke up crying.  I know, not exactly motherly to do that, but my child just ingested his own poop, so leave me alone.
I picked him up and took him to the bath tub.  If I had scissors I would have cut that onesie off.  There was poop EVERYWHERE!!!  In EVERY nook and cranny of that boy.  Uhhh...thanks Pampers!  Epic fail on your part!!  He was slipping and sliding all over that tub.  I finally got him all clean and smelling fresh.  I think he ate some soap during that process, but that's the price you pay for eating poop.
I told the doctor at the end of our visit that he quite possibly ingested poop.  He cracked up laughing.  He told me that he would probably be ok.  Good to know, because I'm sure it won't be the last time, although I'm hoping it is.  I really wanted to take pictures, but my thoughts of him having poop in his mouth canceled out that idea.
Well, after all that excitement, the boy now weighs 19lbs and 12oz and is 29 inches long!  He's getting so big!!
Another side note:  Today is my moms birthday.  She would have been 48.  I celebrated by having birthday cake ice cream.  So did Zach...I'm sure I'll pay for that later.
Kimberly Lorene 
August 16, 1962-August 3, 1998

I must go now.  The poop eater is screaming for me because I'm not in his range of sight.  Is it almost bed time?


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Start burnin, burnin’ baby

Fire (Uh) [Uh]
Fire (It’s all about) [Uh, uh]
Fire (Woo, woo, woo)

He's on fire alright.  Or at least he will be.  Well maybe not reeeaaaally on fire, but burning for sure.  
Doug finally went to the cardiologist yesterday and they are going to schedule an ablation for him sometime next month.  Why does he need an ablation?  Because he has SVT.  What's SVT?  What in the world is an ablation?!  This is SVT and this is what an ablation is.  It's not invasive and he shouldn't feel any pain from it.  Some discomfort, yeah and he will most likely be awake for the procedure.  The doctor said he may or may not need to stay the night, so that's good news.  I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as to when and all that good stuff.
My sister in law Jan just had surgery too.  They removed her gallbladder this past Monday so hopefully she won't have any more pain or discomfort when she eats certain things.  It's a good thing we can get parts replaced/removed for our loved ones so we can keep them around for a while!
Overall, everything else is going well.  School is about to start up again for us.  I'm taking 4 classes, all online, and I think Doug is taking either 4 or 5 that he has to go to campus for.  The craziness is about to begin for us.  I'm happy that we are getting our degrees and bettering our lives, but I don't like the lack of time we have with each other once school is in session.  Oh well.  It's not forever.  I can suck it up.
Zach is going for his 9 month check up on Monday.  9 MONTHS!!!  Seriously?!?!?!  Where is time going?!  He is getting so big and so independent.  He has decided that he no longer wants ANY baby food, only big boy food.  I did give him some baby oatmeal this morning, and he was not thrilled with that so it's probably the next thing to go.  He does well with everything.  He hasn't encountered anything that he doesn't like.  Fruit is his favorite though.
I'm working on some artsy crafty things, but I don't want to post pictures yet because one of them is a gift for someone.  Once they have their gift, I'll post the pictures.
I should go.  Zach is screaming at usual.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Because it's my story

     Today marks the day of my mom's passing.  It has been 12 long years since I said goodbye to her.  I always feel guilty that I feel the need to talk about it or that I'm still sad.  I was talking to my friend Jen yesterday and I explained that to her and she gave me great advice.  She said I shouldn't feel guilty because this is my story.
     It's true.  Everyone has one.  A story that is.  I don't think that my mom's death defines who I am, but it definitely plays a part.  So many people have said "it's been how many years and you're still not over it?", "she's watching you from up above", "you know she loves you and would want you to move on".  I could continue, but then that would take up so much space.  I don't think people really understand the hurt and longing for ones mother until they experience it.  Yes, it has been 12 years, but it doesn't mean I miss her any less.  If anything, I miss her more.  So much has happened since her death.  So many good things.  So many wonderful things that I wish I could talk to her about, laugh about and cry about with her.  Please save the "she's watching...she knows" line.  That's great but who wouldn't want the real thing?  Honestly, I don't think it's the actual "day" that saddens me.  It's the day before.  I think about sitting in her hospital room alone with her, holding her hand and in between tears and sobs telling her that it was ok for her to die...and she did a few hours later.
     My biggest secret that I carry with me is that I get so jealous when I see other children (mostly those that are my age) with their mothers.  The other half of that secret is I can't stand when I hear them say how annoying their mothers are and that they get on their nerves.  I would give anything for my mother to "get on my nerves" again.
     As time goes on, I learn to "deal" with it.  I go about my days and think of her often during them.  I often cry for her when something profound happens in my life and I cry every time I see her in a dream.  I look in my sons eyes and get lost in the beautiful blue that they are, just like my mom's.  I think about all of the fun "motherly" things she did with me and my brother.  Dressing us up in homemade Halloween costumes because we couldn't afford store bought ones, taking a drive just to get away, mother/daughter days of laughing and tickling.  I adored our days in Harpers Ferry WV and the long walks we took over the historic land and then ended our day with ice cream.  I loved to sit and watch her put on her makeup in the morning and pull back her long auburn hair in a pony tail.  I miss the way my hands felt in hers and the way she smelled.  I have kept a bottle of perfume for the last 12 years.  It is one that she wore all of the time.  Sometimes I open it to "smell her" and surprisingly after all this time, it still smells exactly the same.  I know that may seem a little odd, but it helps somehow.
  I hope that I am half of the mother that she was.

because she loved them
my mom with my great grandfather
Our homemade costumes.  We were cabbage patch kids!
Kimberly Lorene Fink
August 16, 1962- August 3, 1998