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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Start burnin, burnin’ baby

Fire (Uh) [Uh]
Fire (It’s all about) [Uh, uh]
Fire (Woo, woo, woo)

He's on fire alright.  Or at least he will be.  Well maybe not reeeaaaally on fire, but burning for sure.  
Doug finally went to the cardiologist yesterday and they are going to schedule an ablation for him sometime next month.  Why does he need an ablation?  Because he has SVT.  What's SVT?  What in the world is an ablation?!  This is SVT and this is what an ablation is.  It's not invasive and he shouldn't feel any pain from it.  Some discomfort, yeah and he will most likely be awake for the procedure.  The doctor said he may or may not need to stay the night, so that's good news.  I'll be sure to keep everyone posted as to when and all that good stuff.
My sister in law Jan just had surgery too.  They removed her gallbladder this past Monday so hopefully she won't have any more pain or discomfort when she eats certain things.  It's a good thing we can get parts replaced/removed for our loved ones so we can keep them around for a while!
Overall, everything else is going well.  School is about to start up again for us.  I'm taking 4 classes, all online, and I think Doug is taking either 4 or 5 that he has to go to campus for.  The craziness is about to begin for us.  I'm happy that we are getting our degrees and bettering our lives, but I don't like the lack of time we have with each other once school is in session.  Oh well.  It's not forever.  I can suck it up.
Zach is going for his 9 month check up on Monday.  9 MONTHS!!!  Seriously?!?!?!  Where is time going?!  He is getting so big and so independent.  He has decided that he no longer wants ANY baby food, only big boy food.  I did give him some baby oatmeal this morning, and he was not thrilled with that so it's probably the next thing to go.  He does well with everything.  He hasn't encountered anything that he doesn't like.  Fruit is his favorite though.
I'm working on some artsy crafty things, but I don't want to post pictures yet because one of them is a gift for someone.  Once they have their gift, I'll post the pictures.
I should go.  Zach is screaming at usual.


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Elizabeth said...

I remember how much I hated being in school because I NEVER got to see Josh. I was in class all day, then working at night and on the weekends when he was home. It sucks, but like you said - it isn't forever, and it will make things easier in the future. Love you very much!! Good luck to you both with this semester!!!