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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November News!!

November was a very exciting month for us!! Doug and I traveled to Pennsylvania earlier this month to visit my 2 aunts and their families. We had a GREAT time!! While we were there we went to an arcade place and played games and had lunch. My family also celebrated my birthday while I was there. They cooked a HUGE Mexican feast (because I love Mexican food!) and I even had a cake (2 chocolate tasteycake cupcakes...chocolate is so good!) We had so much fun and I miss it already. I can't wait to go back...hopefully sooner rather than later.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving!! We had dinner at Doug's parents with Clay, Charlene, Jan, Jeremy and Maggie. Maggie wore a shirt that said it was her first Thanksgiving and they took pictures of her surrounded by food, in a roasting pan, in the oven, (she wasn't IN the oven not was it on...don't be silly...she was on the edge in pan :) )They were very cute pictures!! Here are just a couple of how big she is getting.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What a bootiful month

Well the month of October is just about over. Kinda sad, but it means that my birthday is coming up!!! This month has been a blast for us. The weather finally changed and it feels like favorite season!!! The leaves are changing and Doug says it smells cold out which makes him happy.

My friends Kammy and Danny just bought their first home together, so on the 12th we went over to help them celebrate home-ownership. It's a cute little ranch in Va Beach. They have already done so much work to it. I know once they are done it will look beautiful!

On October 18th, Doug's parents held their annual oyster roast. We were a little nervous because the weather wasn't supposed to be in our favor, but it worked out. They put up tents just in case it rain, but it was just chilly and pretty windy. The turnout was a lot smaller than years past, but still fun!

On October 25th our friends Jen and Geoff hosted a Halloween party. I went as Betty Rubble and Doug decided to go as a man in his "birthday suit". We had a great time. Jen and Geoff put a lot of time into decorating and preparing food for all of us to enjoy. As you can tell by the pictures, we had a lot of fun!! In the picture are of course Doug and myself, the blond, domestic goddess is Jen, her husband is in the red and white t-shirt and our friend Anthony has the big letter P on his shirt and a black eye. He was a "black eyed pea"! Jen also dressed her dog up as a cat. It was very cute!

Speaking of dressing up their animals...Doug and I, well mostly me, dressed up Abby and Rowan in costumes. Rowan was a pumpkin and Abby was a ladybug. They were both too big for their costumes, but they still looked really cute. Rowan hated it and cried the whole time he had it on!! Abby pretty much just goes with the flow of things. She would run around the yard and look like she was flying!

School is going ok. I received my midterm grades and they were all great except for one class. I really need to work hard to improve in that one. I registered for spring classes today. I'm getting pretty excited because looking at it, I have about 1 year left!! I am hoping and planning on being finished spring 2010 I believe. I am so excited that I will finally have a degree. I'm pretty proud if I do say so myself. It's taken me such a long time, but I feel very rewarded.
I've had to go to the doctor recently. I have been very dizzy lately and I feel as though my heart palpitations have increased. The doctor did a complete blood panel which showed everything as normal (except my sugar...I need to call her about that) and has been doing tests on me. I had a table tilt test yesterday which tries to mimic my symptoms to diagnosis what is going on with my heart, if that's even what it is. Today I picked up an even monitor which monitors my heart. I have to wear it for 30 days and it is not all its cracked up to be! I've only had it on a few hours and I can't wait to get it off!! I'll be sure to keep everyone posted on what's going on. I'm sure it will all work out to be fine.
I think that is all for now! I hope everyone is doing well!! Our family is doing great!! You can tell by the pictures that our niece Maggie is getting bigger! She is starting to smile now! I LOVE it!!! We have a lot going on next month as well, with my birthday, my dad's birthday (which I can't celebrate with him ... sorry dad...happy birthday! love you!!) my aunts birthday, my cousin's birthday and Thanksgiving so I can't wait to fill you all in next month!! We are hoping that our cousins from Canada will be able to come down for our Thanksgiving too!!! That would be wonderful!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Start of Something New

For those who don't know yet, I recently got hired by the Suffolk Public School system to be a substitute teacher!! I am super excited! This means that whenever they need a sub, they will call me to see if I'm available. I'm hoping to be called A LOT!!! If they start calling pretty often I plan to cut my hours back at JC Penney's. I already told my supervisor and needless to say, he wasn't happy. Oh well. Life happens. This is what I'm going to school for and it is a good way to network and get my name out there, so that maybe I can potentially have a job before I even graduate! Plus...I'm sorry, if you work for a big company like Penney's and they leave you without air conditioning for nearly a month while the weather outside is in the 90's...they can kiss my butt!!

School is going alright I suppose. I already feel behind. I took a ton of classes last semester and I am only taking 5 right now, but I feel so lost. I think it's because I used to only work 3 days a week and now I'm working 5 or more days a week. Something needs to change! I also figured out that one of my teachers online is going to be a real hard ass. Hopefully I can get through it.

I went to see Rascal Flatts last week with my good friend Jen. She was one of my bridesmaids. We had a blast, despite the wet grass which leads to wet butts (which is why from now on...if it rains we are renting chairs!) and I also had some of my own drama out on the lawn. I have been told for a long time that I needed to cut some branches on the friend tree and it wasn't until that night I realized that everyone was right. Some things aren't meant to be saved and they definitely aren't worth having your feelings trampled on again and again. I tell some of my friends this when they have problems with people and perhaps I need to take my own advice. I'm not sure if I made this up or if I heard it somewhere ( would sure make me seem pretty smart! haha) "People aren't always what they seem and sometimes they are and you just didn't want to admit it". These are some pictures of Jen and I at the concert

I'm sure everyone knows by now, but if not...I became an aunt over the summer! Doug's sister Jan, who was my matron of honor, had her perfect little girl on August 22, 2008. She weighed 6lbs 6oz. She's very sweet! Everyone is doing well and we try to get over and see them as much as possible since I'd hate to miss out on something neat that she is doing!! I know!!! She's not even a month old!!! They grow so fast and I don't want to miss it!!

Well I hope everyone is doing well! I'll post again later.

Love to everyone!!!


ps....this is my first time using this site, so I'm sorry if it looks a little weird!