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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

*~One Door Closes...~*

...Another one opens!!
So I'm set to graduate in just a few weeks after 10 long years of plugging along in college.  I seriously can't believe it has taken me this long!  When I think about the length of time I've spent in school, I get pretty irritated.  Changing majors, taking semesters off...I should have been done by now!!  But, at least I'll have my degree soon...hopefully.  I still have to finish that godforsaken paper.
So, since that door is finally closing (for now...maybe), another one opened for me today.  I've been applying for different types of jobs for the last couple of months and I hadn't heard back from ANY, except for one when they sent me an email that said "thanks, but no thanks".   This was probably my 11th job application, which I submitted Sunday night.  The ad in the paper said it was for an administrative associate/receptionist position at a pediatrics off.  "Doctors office?  That's not what she went to school for."  I know, I know.  This isn't my ideal position, but right now the teaching opportunities just aren't there for me.  It's a long complicated story.
So anyways.  I got a call yesterday afternoon from the office manager inviting me in for an interview today.  I thought it went very well.  She was very thorough and asked me about every position I held since 2003.  She explained the position and asked if I would be interested in something like that.  Duh lady, I need a job.  She showed me around and then said she would get back to me by the end of the week.  I left the office by 10:10 (from my 9:45 interview) and by 11:15 I already received word that she had contacted one of my references!  Around 12:30-12:45 I received a phone call from her offering me the position!!!  She said she didn't need to look at anymore applications and she thought I was perfect for the position.
Ok, so, the position is the administrative associate position and I will be working exclusively for one physician doing all of his scheduling, referrals, prescription refills, etc. etc.  I did that before when I worked at Bayside Family Practice in VA Beach, so I'm pretty familiar with how it goes.  The office has 9 providers and operates on a 4 day work week!  I'll work essentially 10 hour days (really 11, but an hour gets taken out for lunch).  I'm not sure what day I will have off, but Friday would be ideal!!!  4 days of work then 3 full days with Zach!  Perfect!!
Speaking of...I enrolled him in daycare today.  Sooooooo sad.  I really don't know how I'm going to leave him on his first day.  I don't know how you other working mommas do it!  But, it has to be done.  It will make his life a little better as far things that he needs.  The ONLY thing that sucks, besides paying out the butt for his tuition, is that I work till 6 and his daycare closes at 6.  Gonna have to work that out somehow.

Well, I guess that's about it for now.

Thank you everyone for all of your love and support!!


Monday, April 4, 2011

*~Spring has Sprung~*

It finally feels like spring today!!  It has been pretty rainy and chilly for the past few days and today it was sunny, warm and a bit breezy.  Perfect spring day.  Zach and I went to a park today close to our house and he had an absolute blast!!  When he saw all of the slides and play areas he got so excited and kept saying "oh wow wow!"!  He's so cute.  He loves the slides and was able to go down a couple by himself (they have a ton there!) and I even went down a couple with him.  That was so much fun!!  He kept saying again, but in his own language.  I'm not really sure how to spell it!

This is how we spent our afternoon today.  Playing at the park near out house!

We welcomed a new member to our family today.  Our friends Lloyd and Tiphany welcomed their baby boy Micah Makai this afternoon.  He weighed almost the exact same as Zach!   He was 7lbs 4oz and 20in.  Zach was the same except his was 5oz.  I'm so excited for them and can't wait to meet little Micah!

I paid my graduation fee today.  The last bit of money Norfolk State University will ever get from me...hopefully.  My cap, gown, tassel and hood came last week and I was nervous just looking at it.  I was paranoid to open it because all I could think about was what if I don't write my paper EXACTLY how my professor wants it and he fails me and I don't graduate?  Then I won't be able to get a refund!!  UGGGHHH...I opened it.  I couldn't help myself.  I stared at it for a while and then just did it.  I ripped the thing open and felt a tear.  I WILL graduate.  I HAVE to.  It just sucks that one paper will determine my fate.  I hate that feeling.

I've been looking for jobs and they are pretty slim.  I think I've applied for close to 10 and haven't heard back from any yet.  I'm hopeful, though.  I'm hoping to have one in the next couple of months.  I really just need something for a year until Doug graduates and decides where he wants to go for Law school.

About that...we will most likely put our house on the market this summer.  We know that it may sit for a while, so we want it to get a head start on the sitting.  If by some miracle it does sell, we will just move into a rental until we are ready to move to wherever it is that we are going.  He's looking at a few schools in VA, PA, and NY.  I think he even said FL, so we will see.  It really depends on his LSAT scores, but I'm sure he'll do amazing on those.

Last night Zach and I went over to my cousins house for a birthday.  My cousin, Katherine, turned 13!!  I can't believe it.  She was born the same year my mom died and I remember going to my cousins Steve and Rona's wedding and she was just this teeny tiny baby and now she's all grown up.  She showed us the dress she's wearing for her birthday party with her friends and I was blown away.  First of all, she didn't look 13...far from it.  She looked amazing.  It's weird how my younger cousins keep getting older and I stay the same age...strange.

the pizza gobbler...this was pre-party.

I think that's about it for now.  I gotta go start dinner.  Spinach lasagna rolls for dinner.  Hoping it tastes as yummy as it sounds!


This is what "don't bother the dogs while they're eating" looks like.