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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

November News!!

November was a very exciting month for us!! Doug and I traveled to Pennsylvania earlier this month to visit my 2 aunts and their families. We had a GREAT time!! While we were there we went to an arcade place and played games and had lunch. My family also celebrated my birthday while I was there. They cooked a HUGE Mexican feast (because I love Mexican food!) and I even had a cake (2 chocolate tasteycake cupcakes...chocolate is so good!) We had so much fun and I miss it already. I can't wait to go back...hopefully sooner rather than later.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving!! We had dinner at Doug's parents with Clay, Charlene, Jan, Jeremy and Maggie. Maggie wore a shirt that said it was her first Thanksgiving and they took pictures of her surrounded by food, in a roasting pan, in the oven, (she wasn't IN the oven not was it on...don't be silly...she was on the edge in pan :) )They were very cute pictures!! Here are just a couple of how big she is getting.

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cbpierce said...

The pics r great. Can"t Wait to see u with 1 of your own. I can't help but think where we were last year this time. Thanks for making my dad's last days so pleasant. Sorry u never got your bath. Ha! Ha!

You will always be special.
Carl Pierce