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Monday, August 16, 2010

I couldn't make this up

So today started out like any other day.  Boy got me up at 6, we ate breakfast and then I put him in his swing to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I came in my room to the computer to fart around for a few before I got ready to take him for his 9 month check up (say whaaaa? I know!  9 months already!).  So anyhow, I was on the computer and I heard him poo (if you don't like to read about poop then I suggest you stop right now because it's about to get stiiiiinky up in here!).  I figured he was on his way to a morning nap, so I was going to finish up on the computer and shower before his appointment.  I walked past the living room on my way to the kitchen and I peeked in on him.  I noticed something on his face, but I couldn't tell what it was.  As I got closer I was like "what's that smell?".  Upon inspection I found poop smeared all over his arms, hands, legs, feet, face and swing as well as aaaaaaaaaall in the bottom of the swing.  And there he was, sleeping peacefully.  I tried to gently wake him up, but he was oooouuuut!  So I did what any mother would do.  I poked him and yelled his name.  He woke up crying.  I know, not exactly motherly to do that, but my child just ingested his own poop, so leave me alone.
I picked him up and took him to the bath tub.  If I had scissors I would have cut that onesie off.  There was poop EVERYWHERE!!!  In EVERY nook and cranny of that boy.  Uhhh...thanks Pampers!  Epic fail on your part!!  He was slipping and sliding all over that tub.  I finally got him all clean and smelling fresh.  I think he ate some soap during that process, but that's the price you pay for eating poop.
I told the doctor at the end of our visit that he quite possibly ingested poop.  He cracked up laughing.  He told me that he would probably be ok.  Good to know, because I'm sure it won't be the last time, although I'm hoping it is.  I really wanted to take pictures, but my thoughts of him having poop in his mouth canceled out that idea.
Well, after all that excitement, the boy now weighs 19lbs and 12oz and is 29 inches long!  He's getting so big!!
Another side note:  Today is my moms birthday.  She would have been 48.  I celebrated by having birthday cake ice cream.  So did Zach...I'm sure I'll pay for that later.
Kimberly Lorene 
August 16, 1962-August 3, 1998

I must go now.  The poop eater is screaming for me because I'm not in his range of sight.  Is it almost bed time?


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Elizabeth said...

ohhhh my! Pictures would have been nice. I think I'll hold off on those mouth to mouth kisses next time I see this little guy, haha!

Happy Birthday to your mom. Hope you had a great day!