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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Here a sickly there a sickly

Me and the boys have been battling colds for a couple of weeks now.  I gotta tell ya, nothing worse than a summer cold.  Doug and Zach comforted each other the other night.
Poor guys.

School has started and is in full swing.  This week I feel like I haven't seen Doug a total of an hour!  Monday and Wednesday he worked, Tuesday and Thursday he had school.  Tomorrow (Friday) is his only day off this week and we are spending it waiting for pest control (don't make me go in to that), enduring hurricane Earl and having lunch with my family from Richmond.  Speaking of Earl, you would never know he was coming looking outside.  It's so sunny!
Here's another sickly.  My grandmother.  She was admitted to a hospital in Myrtle Beach about 2 weeks ago for her ongoing kidney problems (stones and UTI's), while she was there they also discovered a blood infection.  Poor gal.  I offered to come down and help her, but she said her and my pappy have it under control.  She's home now and she told me yesterday that she hasn't had a cigarette in 8 days!  That's great, but for those that know her, who wants to to take bets on how many more days she can last?  I told her that if she kept it up we could come visit and stay with her because we wouldn't be breathing in that nasty smoke.  She liked that idea.
Doug is scheduled for his cardiac ablation on October 8th.  It's going to be a very early morning for us.  My sister in law is going to watch Zach, so we have to take him to her in VA Beach then back to Chesapeake General.  Hopefully everything goes smoothly and he can come home that night.  I'll keep everyone posted.
I think that is all for now...except does he look like an old man waitin it out on the toilet?


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Crush said...

I love your stories and your pictures. Makes my day! Kisses to everyone. Aunt Biddie