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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The wee one...

...isn't so wee anymore.  I can not tell you how incredibly sad I am to think how he is going to turn 1 next month!!  I seriously get depressed.  I may need psychological help.
Last night Zach and I were driving home for having dinner in Norfolk and he was so incredibly fussy (probably because his stubborn behind would not take a nap) and nothing I did consoled him until I reached around and let him hold my hand.  He held my hand from 264 at Effingham all the way to downtown Suffolk, where I live.  If you are familiar with this area, you know that is probably about a good 25 minute drive from that point.  At times I would take my hand away because I thought he was sleeping and he would bust out crying again, so I would give him back my hand.  He would hold it, wrap both of his little arms around my arm, rub my arm against his face and at times he would even kiss my arm.  AAAAHHHH my heart strings!!!  I can't take it!!  It kills me that he is growing up.  I know, I know.  Everyday he is learning something new and it is very exciting to watch him grow, but there will come a day when holding mommy's hand/arm will be taboo.  **tear**
Are we sure it's child neglect to put them in a box so they can't grow bigger than they are?  Like fish?  I'm kidding!!!  Don't report me!!  hahaha!!!  Seriously, how come NO ONE told me that watching them grow up would be this hard?!  And this is just his first year!!!  Thanks a lot everyone!!!
my teeny baby... getting so big

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Elizabeth said...

It already is killing me how fast Audrey is growing up. It is way too fast! I can just imagine how hard it is going to be to watch her turn 1 year old. I wish we could be there to celebrate his birthday with you all.