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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Red and Orange and Yellow...Oh my!

That's right!!  Fall is finally in the air!!!  I love the crispness and the smell of fall.  It's all!  By far my favorite season!
Now that I've found a few mommy minutes, I can try and write on the happenings that have gone on since I wrote last.Doug's family and I traveled to Canada on the 23rd for a wedding.  Zach's godparents tied the knot...finally!!  It was by far one of THE most beautiful wedding's I have ever been to!  It was at a place called Balls Falls in Jordan Ontario.  Megan and Vince were married in an old barn that I believe was built in 1882 (at least that's what the sign said that was hanging above the door on the said "1882").  For any men out there that may read this, I know you won't care about the details, but I'm going to jot them down anyways.  Their theme was apples (they are in perfect harvest right now), they had the most beautiful flowers all throughout the barn, mason jars on the ledges filled with candles, and as favors we were treated to homemade apple butter and dutch apple pie jam.  Delish!  They also had a candy table for the adul...I mean kids and at 11pm we had pizza!!  Apparently if you have an open bar you have to serve food.  I was not complaining.  Everything was perfect.  Vince's mom even came out of retirement and made their cake!  Beyond amazing!!  3 tiers with the top being essentially death by chocolate, the middle was white cake and cherry vanilla cream and the bottom was chocolate and mocha!  Say whaaaat?!  Soooo good!  Check out the lovelies below.

The is the barn...I'm sure you figured that out already though
The stunning bride and her dad

Who are those boys?

Family photo op
He looked happier when he was taking a picture with Zach...hmm...


the bride dancing with her sleeping godson 

He had a liiiiiittle too much...little lush
The night of the wedding we stayed in a bed and breakfast.  This was my first time and it wasn't at all how I pictured it!

 As you can see, it was a newer home nestled in a vineyard.  It was gorgeous!!  The owners were just as sweet as they could be.  Anyone who leaves out bowls of Lindt chocolate, jelly beans, chocolate covered raisins and peanuts and a bowl of York peppermint patties and Hershey kisses on your bedside table is ok in my book.
Once we left the B&B we went back "home" and everyone sort of relaxed until we went out to eat...again.  Listen, I'm all about eating, but after our hosts fed us homemade scones (which came with homemade peach, strawberry and raspberry jam), scrambled eggs, bacon (regular and turkey), bowls of fruit, tomato wedges and some sort of apple pastry tart thing at the can see how some people wouldn't want to eat.  That someone wasn't me.  So we went to the Ridgeway restaurant in Ridgeway...der...(that's where the family lives) and Doug's uncle Joe bought EVERYONE breakfast.  One of his friends owns the restaurant so we got the VIP treatment.  Seriously, everything was delicious.  We had "open" bar, a fruit/cheese/cracker tray, spinach and artichoke dip with pitas and these were just the appetizers!  Could you put anymore food in your belly after that?  Some of us can, so I ordered a Greek omelet that came with hash browns and a banana walnut pancake.  Oh my gosh!!  Everything was absolutely divine!!  I was pretty full after this...I will admit that.  After that, Doug, Zach, myself, Charlene, Megan and Vince drove to the cemetery to "visit" Megan's mom Sharon.  I know this may sound strange, but the headstones there are very pretty.  Some of them have so much color etched in them.
The next day, Jan, Jeremy, and my little sick niece Maggie left to visit Cooperstown, NY (home of the baseball hall of fame) and we were to fly back home.  Us, Doug's parents, Megan, Vince and uncle Charles (Megan's dad) drove to Buffalo to have on last visit with uncle Joe.  He lives right in the city in a 3 story home that he converted to 3 apartments.  He lives on the 3rd floor which used to be a maids quarters.  The 2nd floor may become ours if Doug chooses to go to law school at the University of Buffalo.  Guess what we did next...we went to eat!!  I had "real" buffalo wings in Buffalo!!  They were so amazing and I was told they weren't even the best you can get in Buffalo.  Let me tell you people, these wings aren't like ANY buffalo wing I've ever had.  They were amazing!

I'm pretty sure I gave you enough to read, so I will stop now.  Hope everyone is well!

Sarah cousin Elizabeth had her baby on the 23rd!!  No one knew what she was having (not even her) until the baby came.  Sooo...she had a little girl!!  Her name is Audry Elizabeth Falcon and she weighed 8lb 8oz and was 19.5in long.  Little porker!  
  Isn't she precious? 

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