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Friday, May 28, 2010

Way to go mom

So this morning my day started out horrifying. I was awoken by the sudden thud of my 6 month old baby hitting the hardwood floor in my bedroom followed by his shrill scream and cry. Talk about having the shit scared out of you!! Even though I knew he was on the floor, I still checked my bed to make sure. Sure enough, there he was on his back screaming his lungs out. My oldest dog right there next to him. Why was he sleeping in my bed you wonder? Because I have severe separation anxiety when it comes to him. I’m deathly afraid that if he is not with me, something will happen and I won’t know it. Yeah…ironic isn’t it? He was with me and he ended up on the floor! Enough of that crap! I cleaned out the cradle and that’s where he is currently. Sound asleep…on his belly…hmm….Why can’t that child stay on his back?! Drives me crazy! You read that kids should sleep on their backs because of SIDS, so now that mine has learned to flip to his belly, I’m going even more crazy! One more thing to freakin worry about!! However, I did read that once a child can flip over front to back, back to front, the risk of SIDS has decreased significantly. Mercy!!! I never EVER thought I would be one of those worrisome mothers. Life sure does change once you have a baby! Dear Lord! I need a xanax or something!! hahaha!! I don’t know if I can have another child if this is how I’m going to be! I think I have what they call “first time mother syndrome”. Yay me.

I need some sleep…


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