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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Schoooooools out for summa!!!

So I finally finished all of my classroom classes this past week. I can’t believe it!! The light at the end of my tunnel is becoming so much brighter!! After 9 years, I will finally be graduating from college this December…tests willing. Who knew that becoming a teacher would be so incredibly difficult?! There are so many I would like to thank for that. First, to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Thank you for making me feel like an idiot over and over again. Because I keep missing the first part of my license exam by one point, I feel stupid. But thank you to every other state in the country for counteracting my feeling of stupidity by showing me that I’m good enough to be a teacher in your state. That sounds a bit awkward doesn’t it? I’m complaining that VA has high standards? Higher than other states? I should be grateful, right? I dunno. It just rains on my parade of accomplishments when I see that I have yet to pass that darn exam. Which by the way costs $130.00 to take!!! (Donations can be sent to….) That’s another thing!! Why is the hell does it cost sooooo much to become a teacher?! Why are the tests so freaking expensive?! They do realize that the people taking them are poor college students right?! I mean geeeeeez!!! Lastly, thanks to the economy for taking such a drastic downturn. I know it couldn’t have been helped (maybe), but now finding a job as become that much more difficult.

However, on a positive note to all that negativity, I’M ALMOST DONE!!! I will graduate with honors (hopefully. I really don’t know how their honor graduating system works…all I know is I’ll have like a 3.5 when the day comes) from Norfolk State University in the fall of 2010 (God willing). It has been a really great experience. I’ve met some wonderful people while I’ve been there. Some I know I will be friends with for a very long time.

So after I get back from my vacation to Texas, I will jump right into taking my left over tests so I can student teach in September. My day is finally coming where I can contribute to my household has much as my husband does (monetarily). I know he’s excited about that!!! Bless his little heart for working so hard (and going to school…let me note that) so I can finish up my education. Love you squishy!! (inside thing)

My stomach is talking to me…gotta jet!!

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