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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Everything is bigger in Texas

So we landed in Texas on Wednesday without any incident. I really couldn’t be prouder how our flight with the wee one went. He was great! He had a bottle during takeoff. Flirted with the people behind us during the flight, and slept the last hour and landing of the trip. The kid didn’t even flinch when we touched down!

My parents were very excited to see us, especially Zach. Zach; however, didn’t feel the same way. He cried when my dad tried to hold him. Poor dad. I had to explain that he has some stranger anxiety when it comes to men. It didn’t last long though. They are buddies now. He smiles every time he sees my dad, which in turn makes me smile. Not only because this kid has THE most BEAUTIFUL smile in the world, but because I know that my son will most likely have a good relationship with my dad.

It has been a pretty busy couple of days. I’ve met family that I never knew. Backtrack…I didn’t grow up with my dad thereby causing me to not know some of his family. Moving on…my cousin Alexis (I know this one) not only graduated from college this weekend (lucky duck), but she also got married…ON THE SAME DAY!!! (I never said my family wasn’t a little nuts!) It was a small backyard wedding at my aunt’s house. Very non traditional and it was beautiful. I think my favorite part was the preacher. Talk about non traditional! Him and his wife came dressed in all black and he had one of those long Zeppelin beards going on! It was awesome! Lexi finally married her sweetheart after 8 years. Congratulations Lexi and Shawn!

I’m not sure what we will do today. My dad talked about getting the little ones picture taken and my cousin Melissa wants us to come over for a pool party…so who knows. I’m just here for the ride. If his pool water wasn’t so chilly I would park my rear on a raft and float all day. Hopefully I will get to see my cousins tonight for dinner. Another cousin of mine, Elizabeth (Lexi’s sister), is pregnant and she looks so beautiful. I just want to look at her. Is that creepy?! LOL. I can’t help but wonder if I looked that cute when I was pregnant! This is her first baby and I just want to talk her ear off about it! Honestly, I don’t think there is anything better than a child. I can’t speak for everyone out there, but Zach truly enhances my life. He makes me a better person which in turn, I think, makes me a pretty good mom.

Well…I should go and see what the plans are for today…and plug the laptop up…

I’ll post pictures later…if I find my camera…that I left at my aunts house…I think.



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