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Monday, May 24, 2010

2 years and counting

Today is my anniversary. I am celebrating 2 wonderful, but sometimes hard, years to my husband Doug. I actually can’t believe it’s been 2 years. Time really flies! Where does it go? I still wonder why he chose me. I am definitley not the easiest person to love. I am short tempered at times and can say things that cut straight to the heart, but he looks past that and loves me anyway. I nag him about cleaning the house and he loves me anyway. I constantly tell him that I wish he was more romantic and he loves me anyway. I take out my bad days on him and he loves me anyway. He looks past all of my imperfections when I seem to always look at his and loves me anyway. He doesn’t yell at me. He doesn’t say hurtful things. He doesn’t demand that I do things. He just loves me.
My husband is caring. My husband is smart. My husband works hard so I can stay home with our son. My husband is strong. My husband is brave. My husband is an electrician, plumber, contractor, landscaper, bug killer, trash taker-outer, heavy item lifter, get in the attic person, paramedic, student, father and husband. My husband knows me like the back of his hand. My husband has big plans for our future. My husband is loving. My husband is a great father. My husband is a wonderful husband.
I want to be more like him.
Happy Anniversary Douglas Michael! I love you!

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