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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Teeth Teeth and More Teeth

That's what I wanted to start with today.  Teeth.  Zach is getting more and more!!  I know, it happens, but why does it happen so fast and all at the same time?  Last night he was using me as his jungle gym, like he usually does, and he bit me!  The little monster bit me!!  It hurt so bad I nearly threw him off of me!!  He bit me right on my chest...the meaty part.  Those little things are sharp!!  They are just like puppy teeth!!  Aahh...oh well.  Comes with being a mom, right?
Know what else comes with being a mom?  Taking funny pictures of your children!!

That's right.  I put a diaper on his head.  Well, actually Doug did.  We laughed and laughed and Zach did too!
Fathers Day was a couple weeks ago and I let my inner Martha out to make this for my father in law. 

"My Grandpa Rocks"...get it?  Because it's a rock?
Anywho...The weather yesterday was great!!  The temperature has dropped about 11 degrees so it was right around 80 and should be that way until Saturday.  I can't wait!!  Having the windows and doors open is wonderful!!  Zach likes it too. 

Ok.  Two more things.  1.)  Look what he can do!!  He's getting so big!  

and 2.)  Is it just me or does he look like he's a few too many?  

That's all for now!!


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Staci Edwards Design said...

Cute little guy! Thanks for following my blog! :)