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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Morning Started Off...

...fairly normal I suppose.  Zach woke up around 0545 this morning which is a little earlier than normal, but here lately is becoming the norm.  Doug came home, I fed Zach and then went and played with him in his room.  He then took a quick nap...and I do mean quick and then I took him in the bathroom with me so I could take a shower.  This is where normal ended. 
Zach has a bouncy chair that he sits in while I take a shower and it has little bears that hang from it that he can play with.  Yeah...not happening.  Ever since we took the shower doors down and put up a curtain, he no longer likes to sit there and play nice.  Or maybe it's because he's mobile now and always wants to be on the move.  Either way, he through a fit about being in his chair.  I tried to hurry up but my effort wasn't good enough.  He screamed and cried so much that I thought he would wake Doug up.  I peeked out of the shower and Zach had turned himself all the way around in the chair (yes, he was fastened in) and was crying his little eyeballs out.  I tried to hurry and then all of a sudden I heard a thud and more cries.  Yes, he flipped himself completely out of the chair and onto the floor.  I jumped out of the shower and picked him up to comfort him.  The days of a peaceful shower are over.  I stripped him down and brought him in with me.  He didn't care for that either, but what were his options?
So now my little big boy has separation anxiety from his momma.  Great!  The fun begins!


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