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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did I say 1?

Because I meant 3!!  I looked in Zach's mouth this morning and saw 2 more teeth that had broken through over night!! 
Zach fell asleep around 8ish and I don't remember him crying out during the first half of the night, but I guess he did because he ended up in bed with me, and then that child was up at 0245 ready to play!!  Monster!!  So I played with him for a while...let him attack the dogs because that humored me (if I had to be up so did they) and then I gave him a bottle and sometime after 4 he fell back asleep.  I think I'll be in bed early tonight.
So anyways...I was working at the church this morning and I had him on his back and I was making him giggle (I'm good at that) and I saw 3 little white "things" on his upper gums and I grabbed his chubby little face ( grab I mean took in my hands softly) and opened his mouth.  Did I see what I thought I saw?!  YES!!!  3 new teeth!!!  He now has his 2 bottom teeth and 2 top teeth and 1 next to those.  I can't BELIEVE it!!!  My baby has 5 teeth now!!  It makes my heart hurt a little because he's becoming such a big kid.  Soon he won't want me to smother him with kisses (I'm sure he doesn't want me to do that now) or lay with him, or call him my baby, or nibble his toes and pretend to bite his hands, or hug him...or tell him I love him in front of people...aaaahhh...tears!!  For now I will savor all of my little lovely baby moments with him...
I hear him screaming my name...gotta go.


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