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Saturday, June 12, 2010

And A 3rd Comes In

That's right.  My baby is getting his 3rd tooth.  It's one of his top ones.  I can't believe how fast everything is happening.  Well, I feel like it is happening fast...too fast.  Maybe that has been part of his mood lately.  Teething.  I'll be honest.  The boy is driving me crazy!!  I can't even attempt to leave a room with out him coming unhinged.  Poor thing.  Poor me.  Everyone says "enjoy it day he won't want you".  I get that, but every once in a while I would like to pee with out his little blue peepers staring at me!  Now we (and by we I mean me and Zach) have resorted to taking showers together.  I can't leave him in his bouncy seat without him screaming and flipping it over.  He won't play happily like he used to in his activity center if I leave a room and I can't leave him alone in the living room without him getting into stuff.  So, because of that, I either have to wait until Doug is home, hope Zach falls asleep so I can shower...quickly because that boy does power naps, or our new favorite...shower with mommy! I hear it's just a phase, so I'm hoping it goes as quickly as it came.  He's still my happy little boy, but only when we are joined at the hip.
Aside from learning that he has another tooth coming in, I learned something else.  Don't give a baby prunes unless they are constipated.  LORD!!!  I gave him some with dinner simply because he's never had them and I wanted to know if he liked them.  He did...they were mixed with apples...and within the hour he had stunk up the house!  Poor kid!!  I'd say he's clear for a while!
My car is on the fritz too.  It's been doing this stuttering thing when it first starts.  Seems like it's going to cut off and then after driving it for a few minutes it starts acting right again.  Well today it lasted 25 minutes.  I was waiting to see if my car would power down or just explode.  Exploding is kinda scary.  A normal person would probably taken the car home and said "forget the errands"...nope...not me.  I kept on truckin to get my errands done.  I'm a goof sometimes.  My friends honey bunny says I probably need a new fuel filter.  I figured once we spent 150 on new sensors the problem was fixed.  Stupid car.
I feel like there was something else I wanted to write, but I can't seem to remember what it was.  Hmmm...well if I remember I'll be sure to come back and jot it down.

Before I go, we babysat my niece the other day and my sister in law and I took some good "aww...look at Maggie/Zach when they were little" pictures of our kiddos to show their boy/girlfriend when they go on their first date...Enjoy!


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