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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's going to be....A BABY!!!

I bet I caught your attention huh?! For those who don't know...I'm going to be a mommy in November!! Can you believe it?! I can't!! I'll be 7 weeks tomorrow!! It's amazing to even think about! I took my first pregnancy test on March 14th and took 6 more after that!! They all came back positive, so you would think I would have believed that!! We saw the doctor today and after having blood drawn, waiting, waiting, seeing the doctor, waiting, waiting, having the exam, waiting, waiting, waiting, and seeing her I would believe it, but I asked her probably 3 or 4 times if I was really pregnant! I told her that I feel great and no morning sickness so I must have something wrong with me! She laughed and said I was legit and I would be a mommy around November 19, 2009!! I feel like I can finally breathe and be excited about it! I can't even tell you how over the moon excited I am about the baby and all the possibilities. What a wonderful new chapter to start in our lives! **sigh inserted here** I had hoped to see the baby on an ultrasound today, but no go. She said that they don't typically do them this early, but since she felt something like a cyst (which she said was worries) she could justify me having an ultrasound this early. So on Tuesday the 7th we will get to see the baby...I hope! I go back again on May 5th to hear the heartbeat. Needless to say, Doug and I couldn't be any happier!!
I guess other things have happened over the past month that I can talk about! lol! Kammy and I went to South Carolina to see my grandparents and to see a friend for a weekend. I told my grandparents while I was down there and for those of you who know my grandma you know she is never one who is lost for words, but she was and it was classic!! We had a great time while we were there and saw so much and ate even more. I came back not even wating to look at food!! It was a great time and it gave me and Kammy a chance to catch up with eachother. the way, we went to this place called Boone Hall Plantation (beautiful home and grounds) and we learned that some of the scenes from the Notebook were filmed there!
I also had a conference near Roanoke VA this past weekend. It was for an organization called the SVEA. It's a student group for teachers. It was a good time! My friend Jen and I drove up on Friday to Mountain Lake resort. Sound familiar? It's where Dirty Dancing was filmed!! It was a good learning experience for us and we left with a lot of good ideas!
I think I have one more good news bulletin. Doug got accepted to Old Dominion University!!! He will start this fall and I believe his major is going to political science. We are all very proud of him!!
Well I think that's it for now. I'll keep everyone posted over the next 9 months!! Well...almost 7 now, but who's counting?!

the mommy, daddy and baby makes 3...well 5 because we CAN'T leave out Rowan and Abby!! love to everyone!!!

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