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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fall in L*O*V*E with February

I'm such a huge dork for making that my title! LOL...Oh well! So today is the last day of February!! I can't believe it. Where does the time go?! I'm glad though because that means I have 1 more week of school before spring break and 2 more full weeks before me and my friend Kammy head to SC for the weekend!! We are planning on stopping in Myrtle Beach to visit my grandparents and have lunch/dinner and then head to Charleston to hang out with our friend Mike. I hear Charleston is a great place to visit (based on reports in my Southern Living magazine! lol) We are very excited to go. Due to school and work and of course life, Kammy and I don't see each other as much as we would like to, so this is going to be a great chance for us to catch up with each other and let loose for the weekend!!
My wonderful friend Jen celebrated her birthday this month. We all went out to dinner at Joe'sCrabshack and then to a place called Saddle Ridge to do some country line dancing. It was a ton of fun!!

This past Monday (the 23rd I believe) I went to the Williamsburg Prime Outlet Mall with my mother in law Charlene, sister in law Jan and my little niece Maggie. It was a pretty day, but a little chilly. We stayed for about 8 hours. did read that correctly. Those two do it every year and this year I was included in the sport! It was fun, but I hardly bought anything. Just a couple of things for the kitchen. Imagine that!
Maggie is getting so big. She is six months now and she tries to talk to everyone and smiles a lot! She's very fun to watch and play with.
School is going ok I suppose. I really don't feel motivated this semester. I'm taking 1 online course and 4 classes at school and I guess technically a lab added to that, but we don't do anything for it. There is a TON of work for every class. I feel weighted down. My Science for Teachers class has a ridiculous amount of work and it seems like it is truly just busy work. My Microeconomics class is giving me a hard time. My teacher just teaches out of the book and it's very difficult to understand him, but I'm trying. I have a meeting with him Monday. My history teacher is crazy. It's supposed to be history from 1932-present which sound very interesting since I love that time frame, but she teaches it from a governmental point of view, which is hard to follow unless you are extremely up to date on your history and politics and I'm not! Doug's helping me a lot which makes it easier. He is so smart that he can fill me in on details that I'm lacking. Just a few more weeks left of this semester!!
I registered to take my PRAXIS exam again. This is an exam that teachers have to take to obtain a teaching license. Hopefully this will be my last time having to take it!! It's on March thoughts and prayers or whatever else you use to give and wish luck would be most appreciated!
Before I go...2 great things happened this month! My aunt Lara found out she will be having a girl in July and my cousin Donny got word that his cancer is now in remission!! YAAAAAY!!!!
Well I should go since I need to get ready for work.

love to everyone!!

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