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Monday, April 13, 2009

Where's Waldo?

So we got to see the baby on April 7th. It was so cool! When I first saw the baby pop up on the screen, it kind of took my breath away! I didn't see the heartbeat at first, but Doug did. He said "Oh! There it is!" I didn't really know what he was talking about. Figured he was just noticing the baby for the first time! lol! My heart kind of sank because I couldn't see the heartbeat and she was just all over the place taking pictures (remember the doctor thought I had a cyst?). I said "shouldn't we be able to see the heartbeat?" Her and Doug both were like "We already saw it!" She went back and put the pointer over this little tiny flickering white light and said "honey, that's your baby's heartbeat". SO AMAZING!!! I cried! I felt a trillion times better seeing the baby and heartbeat! I told her that people keep making me feel like I should be knocking on deaths door, but I feel ok for the most part! She said to count my lucky stars! I do...everyday...for so much more than not having that much morning sickness!
Other than that wonderful piece of news, we celebrated Easter yesterday with the family. We had a great dinner at Don and Cindy's with tons of cake!! Doug keeps telling me to slow down on the sweets! We also celebrated Mitch's 16th birthday on Saturday with the whole family at Shorebreak. Great food and of course, again, a great cake!! yummm!!!!
Here are a couple of pictures if you haven't already seen them!

johnson's x4 +1 in November!

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