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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Working Girl

That's right...I found a job in Rochester!!  Remember that interview I had while I was up there?  It's for that position!! I will be working for Dr. Marc Brown at the University of Rochester in the Mohs clinic (U of R Derm. clinic).  I'm extremely excited about starting this new position.  The hours are amazing...Monday-Friday 0900-530pm, no weekends and no holidays.  I feel like I'll have somewhat of a life again with Zach.  Right now I work 4 days a week and work 0700-6pm and an occasional Saturday. While I like my job and the people I work with, the hours are long and I'm so tired when I get home that I don't really feel like doing anything but going to bed.  At least with the new job I'll be able to get up and fix breakfast for everyone instead of jumping out of bed and grabbing a granola bar or nothing.  I'll also get home before 6pm and will be able to fix dinner and not feel rushed.
We also found a place to live.  It's not one of the places we looked at while we were there, but we are hoping it's everything we think it is.  It's a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom townhouse right outside of Rochester in a town named Brighton.  It's about 1250sqft and has a finished basement.  I'm over the moon about the additional space we're getting.  Our house now is probably less than 900sqft!  The community itself is less than 2 miles from work, school and daycare.  We will all be on the same campus everyday.  Me and Zach on the medical campus and Doug across the street on the school campus.  Brighton also has one of the better school districts, so hopefully we LOVE living there since Zach will start elementary school during our time in Rochester.  That makes me ill thinking about him going to school.  Moving on...
My mind is so consumed with moving and all that it entails these days.  I've wanted to move for so long and now that the time is so close, I'm extremely nervous.  I didn't think I would miss Hampton Roads, but the more I think about it and the people I know and love...I'm definitely going to miss them...
Doug is going to be taking full advantage of the stay at home dad routine until he has to start classes.  Our community has a pool, so I'm pretty sure my baby boy will be learning how to swim this summer.  He'll have a pretty good teacher.  :)

We would love love love some visitors, so everyone start making plans!!



Elizabeth said...

That is so exciting! How wonderful that everything is falling perfectly into place. When is the move?

smjohnson said...

I'm heading up on May 24th. I start my new job on June 4th!