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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ears and Rochester

I really should have posted about this sooner...
Zach had his tubes put in on March 16.  I felt awful the entire time leading up to the procedure.  He couldn't eat anything after midnight the night before, so we kept him up trying to stuff him with food and drink.  I think we all crashed by 10.  The next morning we had to be at the hospital by 830 and his procedure wasn't supposed to start until 1030.  How was I going to tell my hungry 2 year old that he couldn't have any "nilk" when he woke up?!  Soooo hard!!  We went back around 930/945 to prep.  There really isn't any prep; however, it was a nightmare.  He was so incredibly freaked out by everything that he never stopped crying.  He eventually fell asleep on my chest while we waited for the doctor to get to the hospital (10:30 procedure...he rolled in at about 10:45).  They came and took him off my chest and as soon as they walked out of the room he started crying and calling for "mommy".  Heart-breaker.  I started crying.  I couldn't help it.  After I calmed down I went to get something to drink.  I was dying.  Since he couldn't eat or drink, we didn't either.  We all waited in his room for him to get finished (me, Doug, Charlene and Jan).  It only took them about 20 minutes or so to finish.  When they walked him back to his room, he was really out of it.  He was EXTREMELY emotional.  Doug's sister gets like that...maybe he gets it from her :)
All in all the surgery went well and he doesn't seem to be having any more ear aches.  He goes back in about 3 weeks to have a follow up.  I'm supposed to be using ear plugs or cotton with Vaseline on it during bath time.  Yeah right...he wants no part of that.
We went to Rochester this past weekend to visit the University.  Such a looooong trip.  We left right after my uncle's memorial and it took us about 10 or so hours to get there.  The university put us up in a nice hotel for 3 nights and paid for our rental car...thanks U of R!  We had a very busy 3 days.  We looked at a few houses and I interviewed a few day care centers (they are waaaay more expensive there).  I also had a job interview while we were there!  That was an extreme chance of luck!!  I feel really good about it, especially since the main doctor wants to have a phone interview after meeting with me.  Fingers crossed!!
The view of the university from our hotel

chatting and giggling with some ducks

 We did have some fun while we were there.  Zach and I went to the National Museum of Play while we were there and we had a fantastic time.  The museum is pretty big and it had a lot of neat features.  It even has a carousel and diner car inside for lunch!  All in all we had a good time and we are excited about moving and getting settled!

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