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Saturday, August 20, 2011

~Girls Weekend~

That's right...I left the boys behind and ventured off on my first girls weekend!  This was my first time in Tampa and my first time seeing my friend Jen in about a year!  It.  Was.  GREAT!!!  I thought for sure I would cry when I got out of the car to venture into the airport alone.  I didn't.  Zach did.  When I opened the back door to tell him goodbye and smother him with kisses, Doug told him to say "bye bye", so he looked at Doug, said it and waved and proceeded to try and get his seat belt apart!  LOL!  Poor kid.
The flights were ok overall.  I had one hang up in Philly because there was some sort of dent in the side of the plane that needed to be looked at and determine whether it was safe to fly.  I was ok with that.  I'd rather be safe than sorry.  The lady behind me however, did not share in the same feelings I had.  If I had to hear her complain any longer than I had to, I was seriously going to have to say something.  Thank goodness someone brought her a Bud 8:30am...
Jen and Meggin (my other friend who lives here) picked me up at the airport and we headed straight for a restaurant named Columbia.  It apparently has a very good reputation...that it lived up to!  The food was delish and our waiter looked EXACTLY like Dr. Evil in Austin Powers!!
That night we stayed in downtown Tampa and hung out...just us girls.  We gabbed over drinks at the hotel for a while before we got ready to hit the town.  We ended up at Channelside and enjoyed a Thai dinner before we went to a dueling piano bar called Howl At The Moon.  We had a great time.  Maybe not as "good" as others...I hope that poor girl made it home ok...anywho...

The weekend went by too fast and I was sad to say goodbye to Jen.  Hopefully I'll be able to go to Germany one day and visit while she is still there!

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Jennifer said...

Just read this and now I am so sad. I miss you! Thank you so much for coming down to Florida to see me. Love you!