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Monday, January 24, 2011

How many more weeks?

I ask myself that question almost daily.  "How many more weeks of school?".  I think it's somewhere around 14. I don't think this semester would have been as bad, but I'm taking a traditional senior thesis course and I have to write a 30 page paper.  Do dreadful!!  I'm taking 2 classes that I need to graduate and 2 classes that I don't in order to keep my financial aid. I didn't think those classes would require so much work, but I was wrong! 
Doug is doing his school thing.  He says he feels very behind and overwhelmed with his classes.  I have no doubt that he will do extremely well in all of his classes as usual.  He is very busy with the Model UN, too.  ODU hosts a high school conference every year and he is very busy with that.  Hopefully, after next month, we will see more of him.
My dad and Don came to visit last week.  They loved spending time with Zach and seeing all of his new "tricks".  Don had not seen Zach since May, so he had changed a lot from the last time he saw him.  I took them to Williamsburg while they were here.  It was very very chilly.  We did walk around for a little while before we decided we just couldn't do it anymore.  Zach was able to pet a horse while we were there.  It was very exciting for him!  When the horses started to walk away he said "bye bye doggy!"  It was so funny!
My cousin Alexis had her little boy last Monday.  His name is Tiernan Patrick.  He weighed 7lb 2oz.  He is so cute!  Hopefully we can make it to Texas sooner rather than later to meet him.  I hate that my cousins and I live far apart from each other with all of these new babies being born.  My cousin Beth and I don't live THAT far apart (she lives near D.C.), but trying to find time in both of our schedules is hard. 
Doug and I had our very first date night last week.  A date with just the two of us.  No friends or family...or Zach.  We went to The Melting Pot in Virginia Beach.  It was very nice, but very expensive.  I'm trying not to feel guilty about the amount of money that we spent, but it's hard.  I have to keep telling myself that we don't do that all of the time, so it's ok.  I still missed the little boy while we were out, but I knew he was with a very highly qualified babysitter (Doug's mom!). 
Have I mentioned that my cousin Lauren is here for her Naval "A" and "C" school?  Well, she is!  She is stationed at Damn Neck Naval Base in Virginia Beach.  I think she will probably be here for at least 6 months or more.  I surprised my dad and Don at lunch while they were here with her visit.  They were not expecting her to show up because I told them they wouldn't get to see her while they were here since she is new and not aloud off of the base.  HAHAHA!  My dad's face was priceless!  He actually did a double take!
Zach is becoming a lot more fun these days.  We "wrestle" on the couch and dance together.  Zach is a great dancer on his own, so I'm happy when he let's me dance with him!  I wish I could capture his stellar dance moves on video so I could share them with everyone, but as soon as I break out the camera he stops!  Little booger!  He is also back in his very lovey dovey stage with me.  I ADORE him all of the time, but even more when he gives me kisses and pats my back while hugging me!  So sweet!!
I should probably go now.  I have a ton of things to get done with very little energy!



Crush said...

Love you updates! and don't feel guilty about your "date" night! You both deserved it!
Hugs to you and my little Zach.
Aunt Biddie

Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about feeling guilty for spending money on just yourselves. I am the same way. Josh always makes me feel better though, by pointing out that all of our hard work is for nothing if we can't enjoy ourselves once in a while. So enjoy it! You need to do those things sometimes to keep your sanity and your bond with your husband. :) Love the updates!