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Monday, January 3, 2011

Fa La La La

Merry Merry and a Happy New Year!!  I really can't believe that it is 2011 already!  2010 went by far too quickly.
We had a wonderful Christmas that spanned over a whole week and at 3 homes.  Is that because our family is spread out and some have to work, or is it because we are spoiled?  Hmm...Probably both and I love it!!
On Christmas Eve I took my uncle to dinner with my inlaws (and Zach, of course) and then we went to church.  Zach ended up in the nursery because he wanted to voice his thoughts over and over again.  I was really nervous to leave him in there (and I did hear him cry after he realized I left), but he did well!  When I walked in to pick him up he was snuggled up with a nursery worker fast asleep!  I missed most of the service because of Zach, which was probably a good thing.  What I was there for was too much.  I couldn't even look at my uncle without crying.  He seemed fine, but I knew his heart was breaking not have his love with him on Christmas.  Hell, my heart was breaking not having her there.
The next day we had Christmas just the 3 of us and then went over to Doug's parents.  Zach wasn't the only one who was spoiled this year.  We all got such wonderful gifts.  I am so thankful to have such great families.  Not for the gift part, but because they are so thoughtful.  One of the many cool things that we brought home was Zach's radio flyer all terrain wagon.  How cool is that?!  I took him riding in it the other day to the park and he seemed to really enjoy it.  Doug got the receiver he wanted for surround sound  and I got some beautiful jewelry, a pot/pan hanger, a new bathroom fixture and the list could go on and on...seriously.
I thought we would get together with my family the following day, but it snowed.  A lot.  I'm not talking the piddly dusting we seem to get.  We got 12 inches.  Yes, you read that right.  1 FOOT of snow.   I couldn't believe it.  I seriously have not seen that much snow since I was a kid.  We just don't get that around here.  I actually found it kind of amusing.  It was like the Apocalypse came.  The stores were cleared out, the cities were shut down, everyone was saying they were snowed in and couldn't leave.  I mean I get it, that IS a lot of snow, but I remember (work with me here) growing up and going to school in 4 inches of snow without even the thought of a delay.  Everything was just business as usual.  I know 4 inches isn't 12, but around here it might as well be!
So the Degner family Christmas was postponed a few days (my NJ family got snowed in too) and we celebrated on Wednesday.  More awesome gifts and family time.  I got a really cool cake decorating kit (among other goodies that go with it).  Who knows, maybe I'll be a famous cake maker one day!  Jan, my sister in law, got some cake things too.  Maybe we will both be famous!  I'll let you know when our show airs on Food Network.
Doug FINALLY had his cardiac ablation.  Come to find out, he was born with a concealed accessory pathway.  That basically means he had a faulty circuit or one that he didn't need, so they burned it off.  Doug was asleep for it and the doctor said everything went really well and he should not have any more problems.  Doug is pretty excited because now he can start exercising again without worrying about his heart going crazy.

My baby boy has also learned how to walk...alone...unassisted.  It's so cool and so sad at the same time!!  He started doing it around the 21st of December.  I can't believe he's walking!!  Time really really needs to slow down!!
I hope everyone had an amazing holiday!


Zach showing his Moo Moo how he can walk

He goes most places with him

Johnson Family 2010

These are my dolls and "Whack" needs to leave them alone

my future musician 

Can we go outside too?!



Elizabeth said...

What a fun Christmas! I love the picture of Zach at the piano. And you need to get a video of him walking! Does your camera take videos?

smjohnson said...

it does, but it takes forever for them to upload